Caught my attention as I was driving down Yonge street, another Korean town in Toronto that will probably turn into another china town. This tea room is basically a way overpriced place that sells mediocre tea catering to crazy rich mainlanders who has nowhere better to spend their money. This chain originally boomed in mainland China, and is trying to make its first impact in Toronto. First thought walking into this tea room is, yes they spent a lot of time and money decorating this place to convey an old Victorian British feel, except the blue colour is a bit weird and plenty of spelling mistakes on their menu..If you have the money to open 100 chains in Asia, you should have the money to hire a proper translator and proofread your stuff! Flipping through the menu, surprised the tea prices are so ridiculously expensive I couldn’t believe my eyes! The least expensive cup of tea here is $11.99 before tax, what is this madness?? Flipping through this menu/book I thought they would go into details of cool tea facts or history, but it’s just random facts/ citing from a random book.  So I decided to give this a chance, ordered two different types of tea, Earl Grey ($11.99). Actually, this is no different from normal tea, definitely not worth $11.99 for this cup, and I wouldn’t be surprised they reuse the leaves because I don’t see any leaves in my teapot, and my water is warm not even hot.  Also, the cookies that came with the tea (at least the $11.99 was not just the cost of tea) tasted like the cookies you buy from supermarket, nothing special. 

 The second tea I tried was champagne sorbet ($11.99) which didn’t taste like tea at all! Smelled like strawberry candy with a hint of roses or some kind of flower, and it just tasted citrusy.  Was it even steeped properly with the proper time?!?!

 Overall I am very disappointed with this tasting experience, service was great but the tea was just not worth the price, I wouldn’t complain as much if this place was cheaper. The tea isn’t even hot!

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