Toronto’s Best Cortado

Fellow readers, with great enthusiasm I am happy to announce the perfect cup of cortado can be enjoyed at Istanbul Cafe & Espresso Bar. I was once told by a barista at a coffee learning 101 course i was taking, you can never judge a cafe from only one cup of coffee, you need to go at least 10 times to truly taste it. I can’t fully agree on this because it all comes down to the barista at the shop making this cup, you could get lucky and get your first try with that barista, or you can go to the same cafe 50 times without ever meeting that one barista. Where I am trying to get at is, I did get that perfect taste i was looking for in a cortado at Istanbul Cafe, but only from this one barista.

If you visit istanbul cafe, look for this person to ensure you taste what I am tasting:

So this guy who made my Cortado was tall, skinny, dark wavy long hair (sometimes tied). I was told he is Greek.

Let me know what you guys think!


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