Hello everyone, I am thinking of getting my very own espresso machine, curious to see what you home baristas think of the Rocket r60v? Any recommendations on grinders as well?

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  1. aliwilford says:

    And….I’m not sure about Rocket but the pump on the Breville is pretty weak – I’m the only coffee drinker in our house and therefore it doesn’t matter but if have guests it takes a Looooong time to make their coffees. Too long. We usually get takeout from a local cafe.

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    1. Dear Crema says:

      Awww that sucks. Yes i would definitely choose quality over cost anytime!

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  2. aliwilford says:

    Haha. I now have a Breville 1 head machine in my pantry which cranks out 2 espressos every morning and sometimes an affogato in the afternoon. Paul gave it to me for Mothers Day a few years ago and my initial chagrin (I was grateful but had no idea about Brevilles) turned to surprise when I discovered it made a decent crema. He said he balked a bit at the price but then when he thought about it it was a tiny cost compared with his new bike wheels. I grew up (in the coffee sense) on Cimbali which I adored at the time – big and powerful and so much fun to work on. Now everyone has an nespresso … which means that people like my mum can achieve a decent velvety coffee at home – but I’m not sure about the quality of the espresso, it’s a bit thin. My friend had a Rocket on his kitchen counter which is absolutely the place for them as they are a work of art. I have a policy of no appliances on my kitchen counter bit would absolutely make an exception of if I was a proud Rocket. Potentially when the Breville dies this will be my upgrade.

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    1. aliwilford says:

      *Proud Rocket owner!

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    2. Dear Crema says:

      Wow that sounds awesome! Thanks for the heads up. So you still prefer the rocket over breville. Ive read so many great reviews on the rocket, was for some reason hoping someone could argue to this because of the cost haha!

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      1. aliwilford says:

        The cost is the cost. I would go Rocket over Breville any day simply for the sheer design factor…however the Breville does a pretty good job – and I’m very fussy about coffee.

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  3. Dear Crema says:

    I agree Aliwilford, what do you use now?

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  4. aliwilford says:

    I used a Rocket in the early naughties. Most beautiful looking espresso machine by a long shot. Totally gorgeous.

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