A Relevant Discussion On Coffee

We’ll talk about many different points in this article: Steam machines are a good alternative to hot tubs They are a good way to grind your coffee grounds into a cappuccino You can also use the burr grinder to make the most of the coffee grounds the best way to get rid of the waste […]


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  1. Ah, here’s a fun subject. So a friend turned me onto cold nitro brew the other day. It’s velvety and creamy, much like the Guinness of coffee. Has anyone experienced this?

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    1. Dear Crema says:

      Hey Adam! Thank you for bringing this up actually. I have never heard of this before you and I just did some research on it.. looks pretty cool! Wonder if i could make this at home myself?

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      1. That’s what I was wondering myself after trying it–is there a way to replicate it at home without bulky, expensive equipment…? I’m also thinking about carbonating some coffee.

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      2. Dear Crema says:

        Ohhhhhh that sounds interesting. I will def need to do more research on this. Let me know how it turns out!

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