Not much of a coffee scene near Niagara Falls, what is it with Canadians and cheap coffee. I have always wondered how Tim Horton’s got so famous, is it just because it is cheap, or is it because of it’s sugar water that has a hint of coffee and milk hence, double double…I am confident a new culture is emerging for younger people in Canada, a culture for the finer things in life, no matter coffee, food or just luxurious goods. We need to learn to appreciate things, sit down and enjoy them, not just a slave for money 247. I have found this pretty highly rated cafe in a little town of St. Catherines, Balzacs. A very cute shop with a patio both upstairs and downstairs. Walked in greeted by very friendly staff, a very casual place, nothing like the look and feel it’s website conveyed. I do love their art, each art piece depicts something that represents the town named.

Mountain View
I ordered a small latte ($4.25) very expensive latte. For the price they charge,t his latte is disgusting, definitely not worth it. First off, its old coffee beans they’ve used, not to mention the espresso is just watery and bitter. No smoothness or creaminess to this. I’m not sure how they were able to expand to about 7 coffee chains with this brand. I would definitely not recommend this shop if you are going for the taste. For the atmosphere, yes, ofcourse, you get a lot of privacy and lot os room. A very cozy place to stay and read or study. Not the most comfortable though, no couches available.
Mountain View

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