A hidden Korean restaurant under an old apartment complex. It appears as thought they have tried to make some renovation improvements. I do love the new tables, except the vinyl flooring they put down didn’t really match in color. Me and my friends came here just for to try their raw crabs that was supposed to be fairly good.   

So we ordered a dish of raw crab -GanJang GeJang ($15.99). It’s served in a dish of two small crabs marinated. The crab is pretty good, I must admit, but the service was disgusting.  

 Just ranting about the service, the good food can’t make up for this. So while we were ordering, we got stares and questioned 5 times asking whether this is all we were going to order. We were going to order this first then order other things after, but then we got the dirtiest look, with this face that’s so offensive and degrading made me feel like I was stealing from them. After we finished this not-so-fresh raw crab (mind you we could have gotten food poisoned from this not-so-fresh crab) we decided not to order anymore from these degrading looks and just leave. 

Horrible experience, not worth the mental abuse and trauma! 

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