Olympia Express Cremina Espresso Machine

Been doing a bit of research, trying to find a great espresso machine to put my studies into practice. What better way to learn than to try it yourself, hands on! I was debating between three machines, all a bit pricey, but are all supposed to create great espresso with beautiful crema!

  1. Olympia Espress Cremina Espresso Machine: This is a manual machine with a lever, but very slick design, hand made from Switzerland, and chrome plated brass, steel and stainless steel. Many reviews I’ve read online tells me many machines made by this brand since 1967 are still being used today! This is a no-pump machine, meaning the quality of espresso is at the mercy of you and your skills.
  2. Lucca a53 mini:This one definitely has a very slick design, this is a semi-auto machine that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like the first one listed. I would love this sitting on my kitchen counter, but i’m looking more for quality than physique.
  3. And finally, the Salvatore E61 Club Lever Basic Stainless, costs about the same as the Lucca, made to order, and very manual for those of you who like to be very hands on and learn/ experiment with every aspect of espresso making.

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