Ethiopian Coffee

It is believed that coffee actually originated from Ethiopia, the finest species of beans grows wild on this piece of land. Coffee has become such a big part of daily life in Ethiopia that it’s brewing and drinking have become somewhat of a ritual.

First, charcoal is heated in a brazier (aka barbecue). A lit coal is plucked from the fire and a piece of incense is placed on top filling the air with heavy smoke. To purify the green coffee beans, it is rinsed from a jug of cold water. The beans are then spread on a metal pan over the hot burning coals, stirring frequently until they turn dark brown and the oil on the beans surfaces. After roasting, the beans are then pounded into powder with a wooden mortar and pestle, poured into a pot will half-filled boiling water. Just like Turkish coffee, the mixture is brought back to a boil and removed from the fire three or four times, then set aside for a few minutes to let the grounds settle before serving.

Kaldi Legend
Believe it or not, according to Ethiopian legend, and old goatherd named Kaldi was tending to his flock when he noticed his animals growing friskier after nibbling on some red berries from a wild shrub. Kaldi tried the berries himself, and felt invincible and youthful. He brought them to a holy man, who suspected evil at work and cast them into the fire. The resulting aroma made the holy  man change his mind, and the roasted beans were scooped from the ember, ground and infused in water to brew the first cup of coffee.

SOURCES: Pleasures of Summer

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  1. artsofmay says:

    Love the legend and the terrific photo of the goats in a tree.

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  2. I am fairly green when it comes to coffee. I have always been a tea drinker. A year or so ago, I decided to give coffee another try. This time with all the “fixin’s”. I was hooked. I have since branched out a bit and been able to drink it without creamer, but sweetener is still a must for me. Thanks for the history lesson!

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  3. Hyperion says:

    I do like the light florals and citrus flavors the medium roast ethiopian beans have. Makes a great after dinner coffee. I might have a nervous breakdown from the anticipation if I prepared it the old way but would really like to try that some day. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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