So this is a cash-only coffee shop. What’s interesting about this shop is it has no menu, they make whatever you order. A very casual chop, more hipster feel than anything. And ofcourse I had to run in and out, and back in again to get some cash from my car. Sitting here writing my blog, I realize I’m not the only one who had to run to their cars to get cash, because who carries cash around these days, only plastic and electronics! What caught my attention about this place is its a bit dirty, not really renovated, but cool map! 

 I then again, went ahead and ordered another cortado ($2.75) because I’m not yet sick of it. If you take a sip of this cortado and really really try to sort out the taste, it’s definitely this sourness I’m looking for, just not strong enough. A bit too watery and def not creamy enough. Maybe hold off a bit on the milk and more cream.  


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