Looking in from the outside, hesitating whether I went to the wrong place or not seeing people having full on meals. I took a step back to look at their sign- Sovereign Espresso- thought to myself, yep this is the right one, it’s an espresso bar. Finally after about split second contemplation, opened the door and stepped in. Very cool place, cozy wood theme with blackboard menu and decor, even has their own badge. Also, their glowing Elektra espresso did catch my attention.  

 I of course ordered another cortado ($3.00) once again, but this time with the accompaniment of the pistachio ($2.50). Let’s start with the cortado, served right, in a little shot glass with no obvious separation of coffee and cream. There’s way too much foam on top though, cortado is not mean to be able to make latte art. First sip, definitely not strong enough, I’m assuming not the correct coffee/water ratio also could also be not the right pressure/ temperature adjustment on the machine itself. The bean is definitely fresh, not enough cream, a bit too watery even for such a small shot glass.  

cortado ($3.00)

 Then the pistachio ($2.50) I could barely bite into this thing. It’s like a cookie but harder. It does however have very strong pistachio taste with little bits of broken up pistachio throughout each bite. I actually kinda like this cookie thing.  

the pistachio ($2.50)
   Very friendly baristas. What more can I say?  

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