A very cool looking coffee shop run by two young men. A very stylish looking place, lots of young people lounging around either on their electronics or just chill and talk. 


cortado ($3.25)
 I ordered another cortado ($3.25) along with shortbread ($2.50) made from traditional Irish recipe. The cortado a bit diluted, I think the taste is definitely there. Loved the taste of the foam at the top although there’s isn’t supposed to be that much on top. It’s good there’s no clear separation of foam and coffee no matter how long you leave it sitting there. I think they can use less milk to half the serving size.  

shortbread ($2.50)
 I especially love this shortbread. Not too sweet, moist, and soft. Very buttery and flavourful. Makes me want to try and make this at home myself so I can have one every day.     I noticed something very interesting, they manually stamp their own cup sleeves. 

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