cortado ($3.50)
 A very cool looking minimalistic coffee shop hidden away in the city of Toronto. This coffee shop is run by Japanese people, they are probably more popular for their matcha cappuccino or alike, but since I’m on a cortado ($3.50) roll, of course I ordered just that. This cup of cortado tastes a lot better than the other ones I’ve tried in Toronto, very close to pilot. The creamy punch isn’t strong enough, although I do taste this but very settled. Not too bitter or sour, so the coffee is not over roasted or expired. I think they over did it a bit on the milk. 

  If you look at this cortado from the side, there’s no obvious separation of foam and coffee which is how it should be. An interesting note to make on this cortado is as it cools down, it gets more sour and less bitter with each sip and the bit of sweetness is a bit more apparent. 
 I really like how this place was decored. Has many interesting plants, and very open place.  They even have a vintage working song selection machine – not sure what it’s called- which is quite Kool. 


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  1. Vendy says:

    I’m on a cortado roll too!

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