Another morning at a coffee shop, trying out some of the most highly rated cafes in Toronto. Some people claim to be able to tell how a cup of coffee will taste just by looking at it, I am trying to learn that, but I believe looks can be deceiving – like the famous saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I also believe a coffee shop has the ability to squeeze your creativity out, this is why I write all my coffee reviews on site. So you know, if my writing is horrible, something must be wrong.    

cortado ($2.50)
Of course I’m so predictable I don’t even need to tell you what I’m ordering, a cortado ($2.50) which is actually worth the price for this one. Cortados in general, I have observed, are quite hard to perfect. The cortado at this shop, however, is not bad compared tho the price they charge. First sip, although quite watery (need more cream, not milk) the coffee taste is there, the sour note. The sweetness is missing though. For some odd reason, it has sort of a numbing aftertaste, never had that before. Also, again, just like the previous one, the more sips you take that bitter taste slowly disappears. 


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