A single shot espresso cortado to start off the day. Just north of danforth sits a little indie coffee shop. This coffee shop is quite cool, it offers the European concept of traded books- you leave your old book and you take one from the shelf to go. Here, I ordered a cup of cortado ($2.50) single shot obviously to stay and enjoy. Too much foam and a bit too much milk on this one. The beans aren’t fresh, and they probably used the wrong beans for this because a good cup of cortado is supposed to have a creamy note and aftertaste which this one lacks. This cortado was just bitter, either they burnt their beans or they are using expired beans. If you look at from the side of the cup, there’s an obvious separation of foam and coffee which is never a good sign for a cortado. 

cortado ($2.50)
Great place for people to sit relax and read a book! Not the best place for coffee. 


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  1. lilly1949 says:

    What kind of coffee do you make at home? Have you ever had Puerto Rican coffee?

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    1. Dear Crema says:

      Hey Lilly! I have drip coffee or stove top at home. I don’t believe I have tried Puerto Rican coffee, is that your favourite type?

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  2. A Nenes Life says:

    Well, they have a great idea anyway, maybe some people come for the community it offers. Personally, I would want the good coffee.

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