A very modern looking Cafe located in the heart of pride street. The barristers are very friendly, but I think they should just stick to their healthy pristine shakes and here’s why.    

Would you be surprised if I told you I ordered a cortado ($4.00) again?! Well I did, and it was horrible! Very very bitter, coffee and foam separation. No notes of creaminess nor does it have the fresh coffee taste. Overall fail! 


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  1. Chester says:

    Dear Crema,

    Thank you for your visit. And let us apology for not meeting your standard. Nothing is more important than making sure you are happy.
    In terms of your coffee, perhaps we can offer our signature Butter Coffee. If you get a chance, please email us at info@fuelplus.ca and we will arrange a do-over.



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    1. Dear Crema says:

      Hey Chester, for sure I will definitely come again to try your butter coffee! Stay tuned!


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