Went to a pho place in the middle of nowhere situated in the city of Vaughan, Ontario. This is actually the 3rd time going here, normally I would come here just for the Che Thai dessert, saddly this time around they stopped didn’t offer them anymore.  I ordered the bun no hue regular ($10.50), pricier than normal Vietnamese restaurants. Normally you can get a bowl of pho for around $7.00. This is a hue style hot & spicy broth with rice vermecelli. Where do I begin… The meat was over cooked and way too lean, dry. The broth was decent except it’s not even spicy, hence hot & spicy broth. 


I also ordered a durian milkshake ($5.00), less sweet. First sip was horrible, the scent of frozen not-so-fresh durian just killed me. This could be due to refreshing durian for processing, not-so-well preserved. 

Overall the service was great, the food, not worth the price. 

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