A northern Chinese cuisine in the haeart of Toronto Chinatown. Not overrated, just depends what you order.

Let me give a quick and dirty background rundown on northern Chinese cuisine. This part of China normally is experience harsher dry cold winters with very hot summers, so they would resort to more hearty, oily, spicy dishes to keep them warm during winter. Strong flavours with lots of spice and meat are very important to northerners. Common dishes include lots of meat, oily dishes, and wheat flour like noodles / dumplings. There are less fresh vegetables and fruits readily available in his region so more preserved vegetables are featured in this type of cuisine.

Sliced beef ($8.99)


First thing on the menu, sliced beef ox-tripe & tongue with hot sauce ($8.99). Caution: there’s only one ox tripe in this dish for decoration, and not for tasting. Not really sure how it’s supposed to taste, but this definitely hasn’t been marinated enough because you can only taste the sauce and not the marinated meat. The beef is also very dry, not marbled very well. There’s one good thing about this dish though, most of the beef was sliced very thin.

lamb skewer ($5.99)

The lamb skewer was seasoned very well, cooked just right! This is a must eat when it’s hot or else it will be hard to chew and the strong taste of lamb reeks in your mouth.

Spicy boiled sliced fish ($11.99)

This was quite delicious, although I don’t think this was spicy enough. This would be one of the better dishes I’ve tried in this restaurant.

spicy Beef & green pepper ($10.99)

This dish was mediocre, not too spicy / spicy enough for northern cuisine.

noodle with braised beef in soup ($5.99)


This is hand made noodles with braised beef in soup, highly popular northern dish amongst Asians. The noodles here were made in-house so it tasted pretty fresh, texture and chewiness was perfect. The braised beef, however, needs to be braised longer and the flavour isn’t strong enough. The beef needs to be marinated for longer amount of time.

Last but not least, I ordered soup-filled bun. Very disgusting, so disgusting I didn’t even want to take a photo of it and be reminded.

Overall, quality of food in this restaurant varies depending on which dish you order. My experience with the food in this restaurant was only worth 2.5/5 rating. Hope yours were better.

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