Other than my curiosity in coffee, I am also in search of great food on the side! Driving down Queen St. Toronto, went pass a very minimalist, attractive shop, Butter Avenue. Caught my attention, so decided to go in for a try. This place is more like a Patisserie / Cafe more than anything. They did have a coffee counter, but didn’t seem available. 

The place is very bright and open with floor to ceiling windows. The only down side is it doesn’t have seating. I bought 3 macarons ($7.35) and a mini tin of earl grey ($8.85) very pricey. Actually, looking at my receipt, I’m actually their first guest on a Friday morning (11:10 am).

Was a bit iffy about the macarons I purchased since it’s so expensive and didn’t seem like it’s very popular after being around for about a year. From the surface their macarons look very delicious and colourful with full puffs on the shell, right sized circles, & right amount of puff filling ratio. The filling is smooth, firm, hint of flavour but way too sweet. The filling is a bit too sticky leaving residue on my teeth. The texture of the puff is very smooth on the surface, with no random bumps from almond ground.   

Overall, I’ve had cheaper tastier macarons before. Not worth the price. 

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  1. Holliday Delights says:

    You should try Nadege! They’re a bit pricey, but they are definitely melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

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  2. Laura says:

    Such a shame the macarons weren’t worth it! They’re one of my absolute favourite patisseries. Although it is quite hard to find a decent one outside of France…

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    1. Dear Crema says:

      It’s true, sorry 😦 I’ll let you know if I find something better in Toronto.


      1. Laura says:

        Definitely keep me up to date – maybe that could be a new mini-series…the best macarons the world over 😛

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